A journey into wine.

At Terra Firma Winery we believe wine is a journey. We want the wines we produce to feel like a trip to different countries and winegrowing regions, a discovery of unique winemaking methods and diverse vineyards. Blends and varietals alike, we aspire to display the flavours, aromas and wine tradition of the lands we work.

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Our Portfolio

Our regions

D.O. Yecla, Spain

This Designation of origin is located in the town of Yecla, in southeastern Spain. Yecla and its countryside are also a great terroir for organic farming; the wines we produce in Yecla are certified free of any chemical whatsoever.

D.O. Bierzo, Spain

The Bierzo is a fertile land, a trait that allows our winemaking team to work with multiple grape varieties. The soil is made of a mixture of minerals, slate and quartz, with an altitude of 500 meters above sea level.

I.G.P. Bajo Aragón, Spain

Bajo Aragón (or Lower Aragón) is located in the autonomous region of Aragón in Spain. For centuries, the pilgrims that walked to the shrine of the apostle in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia) passed through this region and demanded aragonese wines on their journey.

V.R. Alentejano, Portugal

Alentejo can be translated as “Beyond the Tejo”, since its located south of the Tejo River. It has won great acclaim as one of the most respected wine regions in Portugal. It's a hot and dry area with Atlantic climate, where red wines are the signature product.

I.G.P. Gascogne, France

Our vineyard is located in the southwest of France. Even though the atlantic ocean is far away behind Les Landes, it still manages to have influence in the land, bringing wet springs and sunny weather during the rest of the year.

I.G.P. Pays D’Oc, France

The Pays D’oc area has a mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters, with most rainfall compressed into spring and autumn, also it’s subjected to the influences of the atlantic climate to the West and of the continent to the East.